A budget-friendly smart lock that works seamlessly with the Wyze smart home system

Wyze Smart Lock :one of the cheapest smart locks available

Pros :

  • The Reasonable Price: The Wyze Lock price is less than $100 In the market. while similarly featured locks commonly cost up to $200 or more, that’s a serious deal.
  • Easy to set up and use: The Wyze Lock is a retrofit lock like The Friday smart lock and August, That means you don’t have to replace the exterior portion of your door’s lock technique. Just use your existing hardware to connect the interior escutcheon to your door and use the mobile app (or the original key) to open/close the lock from outside.
  • Convenient keyless entry options
  • Useful smart features like auto-lock and door detection
  • Voice control compatibility


  • The design isn’t catchy, and the material seems plasticky and a bit cheap, not characteristics one often appreciates in the lock
  • Privacy concerns regarding data collection
  • Potential compatibility issues with some door types

Features & Functionality:

Smart Features :

The Wyze Lock includes a free hub, a rare bonus feature. Connecting it to the hub makes using the lock and adding more Wyze devices straightforward. You can share access codes via email with friends, family, or renters. The Wyze app keeps a simple log of who enters your home. However, unlike some other locks we’ve looked at, you can’t set specific times for when people can enter or leave your home.

Though sharing access codes is easy with the Wyze app and email, you can’t share them via text message. Recipients need to download the Wyze app to use the codes. Though it’s designed for easy integration, if you have a smart home hub other than Wyze’s, you might still connect this lock if it’s Alexa, Google Assistant, or Zigbee compatible. However, it currently doesn’t work with Apple HomeKit or Z-Wave hubs

Keyless entry:

The Wyze Lock opens smoothly and without trouble. It takes just about 10 seconds to use the app to unlock it, and we didn’t encounter any problems during testing. If you’re coming home with your hands full of groceries, you can easily unlock your door from your car. Plus, the lock’s geofencing feature automatically unlocks the door when it senses you’re nearby

Other Wyze Smart Lock Features:Wyze smart lock

  • Door position detection: Get real-time notifications if your door is left open or tampered with.
  • Key sharing: Grant temporary access to friends or family remotely.
  • Voice control: Works with Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free convenience.

Our Analysis and Test Results: A Comprehensive Review

The Wyze Lock upgrades part of your current deadbolt and works with Google and Amazon Alexa devices and Zigbee hubs, but not with Apple HomeKit or Z-Wave hubs. It connects to your phone through Bluetooth and includes a special Wyze Lock Gateway hub for easy setup.

However, even though the Wyze Lock doesn’t include a number pad in the package, there is a compatible one available for purchase. This offers a convenient solution for renters who prefer not to download the Wyze app to enter the house. Additionally, in the event the lock’s battery runs out, it still works with your existing house key. This means you can always get into your house as long as you have your key with you.

Wyze Smart Lock Security:

Although the Wyze Lock ranks somewhat lower compared to other models we’ve tested, it’s still a secure choice. It has an ANSI rating of Grade 3, which is fully adequate for typical home security needs. In fact, if you’ve ever lived in an apartment, it’s likely you’ve already relied on an ANSI Grade 3 lock to protect your belongings

Unboxing & Setup:

The Wyze Lock arrives in a straightforward package, and installation is generally user-friendly. The included instructions are clear, and online resources are readily available if needed. However, some users report facing compatibility issues with specific door types, so double-checking beforehand is crucial.

Overall Verdict:

The Wyze Lock stands out as one of the cheapest smart locks available. It comes with its own Wyze Lock Gateway for easy setup right from the box. Using the Wyze app, unlocking your door with Bluetooth, and sharing access with others is straightforward. Installation is a breeze, as it only replaces the inside part of your current deadbolt, so you don’t need new keys. It works well with Google and Alexa, but not with Apple HomeKit. Its security level is at the lower end, with an ANSI grade of three. Adding a number pad is optional and costs extra. Despite this, the Wyze Lock offers great value for its price. For a comparison with other smart locks, see our article on the best smart locks

Wyze Smart Lock Alternatives:

  • Schlage Encode Plus™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt
  • Wyze Lock Bolt (fully integrated smart lock)
  • Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi


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