As you’ll see in our Lockly Secure Plus review, forget fumbling for keys! Thanks to its fingerprint reader, keypad, and even a backup key, this smart lock offers convenient keyless entry. This innovative technology positions Lockly among the top contenders in the smart lock market. However, it’s worth noting in our review that its price tag of $249, with an additional $70 for smart home integration, makes it one of the pricier options we’ve tested.


  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Quiet operation
  • keyed access and keypad
  • Pin Genie anti-theft
  • Easy setup.


  • Doesn’t work with other smart devices
  • Lacks remote access.
  • No IFTTT, HomeKit, or voice command support.

Design and Features


  • Fingerprint Reader: Explain its functionality, ease of use, and speed of recognition.
  • Keypad: Describe its accessibility, response time, and security measures.
  • App Control: Discuss the app’s user interface, remote access features, and any smart home integrations.
  • Voice Assistant Compatibility (if applicable): Mention supported assistants and how voice commands function with the lock.
  • Physical Key Backup: Discuss its availability, location, and importance in emergencies.
  • Additional Features: Highlight any other notable features like auto-lock, tamper alerts, or access logs.


The lock is bigger than usual and covers a lot of space on both sides of the door. You can get it in Satin Nickel or Venetian Bronze colors, but either way, it stands out a lot and doesn’t blend in with the door.

lockly secure plus review

The Lockly is a smart lock that comes in two types: a latch-lock and a deadbolt. However, choosing the deadbolt version will cost you $30 more.

Installation & Setup

Installing the lock is easy, but it has a unique option: you can drill a smaller hole above the main one to make the lock stronger and keep it steady. This is suggested because the lock is heavy and might move if only supported by the standard screws near the cylinder. However, this extra hole is optional. If you prefer, you can use the sticky pads that come with it to keep the lock in position. Still, adding the second hole is recommended by Lockly for better security.

Security & Performance

I find the keycode feature on this lock a bit odd. You can set a code between 4 to 8 numbers long, either through an app or directly on the keypad. However, the glass cover picks up fingerprints easily, which might give away your code to someone up to no good. But there’s a clever feature I appreciate: the numbers shuffle each time you use it. When you activate the screen, the numbers appear in a random order, so you don’t hit the same buttons every time. This is great for security, but as someone who remembers codes by their pattern, not the numbers, it can be a bit confusing for me.

App & Smart Home Control

The Lockly app works on both iPhones and Android phones, and it’s pretty straightforward to use. To link the app with the lock, you need a special code found on a card that comes with the lock—make sure to keep it safe for future resets. After setting it up, you can easily make new codes or add fingerprints through the app. However, to add fingerprints, you have to do it on the lock itself; you can’t use your phone’s fingerprint scanner for this.

Unfortunately, the $249 you spend on the lock doesn’t give you the ability to control or monitor the lock remotely. To do that, you’ll need to buy a $70 Wi-Fi adapter. This lets you control the lock remotely and connect it to Alexa and Google Assistant. Another option is to spend $50 more on the Lockly Secure Pro, which already has Wi-Fi built into the lock itself.

Bottom Line:

The Lockly Secure Plus is a Bluetooth Keyless Entry Smart Lock that allows you multiple methods of entry, including a fingerprint scanner.


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