In this article let’s explore the world of smart home safety with the Friday Smart Lock, known for being the tiniest smart lock around


  • HomeKit enabled
  • Small form factor
  • Uses existing lock hardware


  • Limited access scheduling options.
  • Occasionally lost connection in testing


Here are some of the key features of the Friday Smart Lock:

  • Easy to install: It only requires removing two screws and snapping the lock on.
  • Works with both Apple and Android devices.
  • Comes in many different colors.
  • Can be controlled from your phone.
  • Can send access codes to others.
  • Battery life lasts a very long time.

One of the lock’s notable features is its compatibility exclusively with HomeKit, which might be a downside for users of Alexa or Google Assistant. However, for those invested in the Apple ecosystem, this ensures seamless integration and remote access, provided you have a HomeKit hub like an Apple TV or HomePod.

Also, one unique feature is the Friday Assist, offering both automatic locking and unlocking based on geofencing, adding convenience without compromising security. The ability to issue temporary keys through the app is another plus, perfect for granting access to visitors or service providers.


In terms of design, the Friday Smart Lock is sleek and less obtrusive than many alternatives, blending seamlessly with your door’s aesthetic. The all-metal parts suggest longevity that justifies the investment.

Friday Lock Battery

The lock includes a rechargeable battery, avoiding the need for constant replacements, and comes in seven different finishes, ensuring a match for most door hardware. With its all-metal construction, the Friday Smart Lock promises durability and reliability.


Installation is straightforward, thanks to the universal baseplate and clear instructions. The real challenge, however, might come with setting it up through the app, which can be finicky. But once connected, the lock performed reliably in my tests. It’s essential to ensure your deadbolt turns smoothly to avoid issues with the smart lock’s operation.


The Friday Smart Lock impresses with its design, HomeKit exclusivity, and smart features like Friday Assist. While the setup may require patience, especially with the app, the lock’s performance and aesthetics make it a worthy addition to any smart home setup. If you value integration with HomeKit and are looking for a compact, stylish smart lock, the Friday Smart Lock is worth considering.


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